Anxiety and Depression Research Center at SMU

The Anxiety and Depression Research Center (ARC) at Southern Methodist University (SMU) specializes in basic and applied research of anxiety, mood, and affect dysregulation disorders. Current research includes investigations of novel treatment approaches for anxiety and depression, biomarkers in anxiety disorders and chronic disease (asthma), fear extinction mechanisms of exposure therapy, and mediators and moderators in individuals with affective dysregulations, including non-suicidal self-injury.

Recent News

11/22 Congrats to Divya Kumar for winning the highly competitive ABCT Virginia Roswell Student Dissertation Award! She also secured a postdoctoral position at Harvard/McLean where she is currently completing her internship!

2/22 Congrats to Anni Hasratian, Divya Kumar, and Hannah Nordberg for successfully matching to their internship sites! Anni is headed to Washington DC VA, Divya is headed to McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School, and Hannah is headed to Rocky Mountain VA!

2/21 Fifth years Andres Roque and Natalie Tunnell match to their #1 internship sites! Andres is headed to VA Boston and Natalie is on her way to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Way to go!

8/20 Congrats to Hannah Nordberg, Divya Kumar and Anni Hasratian for defending their Master's Thesis!

6/20 Now introducing Drs. Werchan and Kroll! Congratulations to Chelsey and Juliet for receiving their Ph.D.!

2/20 Chelsey Werchan and Juliet Kroll successfully match to top sites for their internship year!

5/19 NPR/KERA interview on Anhedonia Intervention study with Justin Martin on All Things Considered (link). 

11/18 Congrats to Chelsey Werchan and Juliet Kroll who have secured internship interviews at top sites including MGH, Brown, McLean, UCLA, and VAPA!

8/18 Drs. Meuret and Ritz in collaboration with Dr. Michelle Craske were awarded a five-year study grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to examine the mechanisms of a new intervention for treating anhedonia (media release).

7/18 Dr. Ritz has received a $2.6 million NHLBI-funded grant for the Dallas Asthma Brain and Cognition Study together with Dr. E. Sherwood Brown (UTSW Psychiatry) and Dr. Denise C. Park (UTD/UTSW Center for Vital Longevity) to study cognition and brain structure, function, and chemistry in middle- to older-age asthma (media release).

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